About Us

EAT MY SHORTS RECORDSWe are an independent record label in Germany, specialized in digital distribution, mastering and recordings. Our knowledge is based on experience in the music scene for over 10 years. The idea for a Metal Label started in early 2013 and was established in 2014 where we had some mentionable successes.

Our main goal in 2015 still, is to give more artists/bands a chance to complete their desires, to give them a fully transparent and fair basement. To be part of an official label and the possibility to distribute their music digitaly – worldwide. In most cases artists/bands loose their focus  – to produce music, instead they focus on complex business things and the unleashed desire for a momentum, which in reality comes true for only a gifted few.

We can give you the basement for this desire, for this momentum. We can give your music a platform to communicate worldwide.

Furthermore due to our experience in that kind of business, we assure payments for all connected platforms and the best of all – the artists/bands does not have to pay anything at all! Artists and bands can now do what they always wanted – make music!

We put great effort into our distribution development that we offer for national and international artists and bands releasing both audio- and visual material. Last but not least, we are now directly connected to all major online stores.


EMS Team

If you have any Demo Tracks or finished albums, which haven’t been signed by a label or haven’t been distributed online. Please contact us by contact form or by email demos@eatmyshortsrecords.com


Simplicity @EMS