Mindread and the meaning of that name is conceived so in our interpretation “mindread” represents the subject whose mind has been read. In majority of cases people read our name as “mind read”, i.e. mind reading, so we decided to sort this dilemma in the beginning.

Our music style cannot be clearly defined, especially when considering that all four of us listen to different kinds of music. Influences are various and we do not have a recognizable style that can be identified with some of the famous bands. I will not list our music influences because it would take too much time so I’ll keep it short and define our style as “spiced alternative metal”.

“Free your mind” is our major mindset before every of our concert or rehearsal. When we hit the first rhythm and fill the room with sound, that sound makes counter-reaction for all bad thoughts, feelings, problems and we disconnect from the rest of the world by playing music and we settle into routine of feelings that make us what we are and, in the end, want to be. The sound leads us into utopia.

Mindread songs generally have a controversial, but also very clear messages and stories sung or “screamed” by two vocals. Song writing is a process that involves all the band members. We are into music for many years now and there are many punctured blisters, swollen vocal cords, broken drumsticks, drum membranes, guitar picks and worn out cables.

Up until now we have recorded 5 songs and are currently working on other. The songs are as follows: Mindread, Fracture, Utopia, Fire Exit, , User, Rejection, Set it on fire, Free your mind.
We just finished our first EP called „Dead Brain Cells“

So far we have held 25 concerts that went rather well and we are craving for more. After leaving the stage we feel pain in our neck and sweat that prove to us the concert was good.

We are from Croatia, and the band consists of:

Alojz Gršić (vocal)

Vinko Gršić (guitar, vocal)

Oliver Totović (drums)

Denis Sinković (bass).

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